Segment Analytics: Supercharge your analytics for free with for FuelPHP

Segment Analytics for FuelPHP - Even an infant can do it

Segment Analytics for FuelPHP – Even an infant can do it

Supercharge your analytics for free with our new open source project! Last week was exceptionally busy as we finished developing a new open source project designed to allow you to easily integrate Segment‘s analytics.js and PHP libraries into FuelPHP. At Bit API Hub, our motto is “one-line everything,” or at least make coding insanely easy. Read on to learn about all the grunt work that you no longer need to do.

Segment Analytics for FuelPHP

In case you’re on the prowl for new analytics software, and you don’t know what Segment is, think of segment as the Bit API Hub of the analytics world; they unify your analytics experience into a single API. While Segment does simplify your analytics experience considerably, you must use separate libraries for JS, and PHP.

You’ll need analytics.js to save your bandwidth, and provide more functionality, but when the customer isn’t on your website when you’re processing your analytics data, you’ll need a server side library. (See Segment’s Best Practices article) for FuelPHP not only integrates both libraries, but it unifies the code into a single interface.

Key Features

  1. It provides a unified API for working with both analytics.js, and Segment’s PHP library.
  2. You can still use both libraries independently.
  3. Your programmers have less to write.
  4. It generates your JS code for you.
  5. It keeps track of your identity information, and keeps your anonymousId synchronized between both libraries.

Check out the Segment Analytics package for FuelPHP on GitHub to supercharge your own business analytics. It’s the same technology we’ll be using for our own systems, and is an upgrade from the GTM for FuelPHP we released not long ago.

Disclosure: Bit API Hub isn’t affiliated with Segment, but we do have an account with them.
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Rick Mac Gillis

Rick Mac Gillis is the CEO and founder of Bit API Hub.

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