New Open Source: Google Tag Manager (GTM) for FuelPHP (Comical)

Free Super Powers

Free Super Powers

We’ve just launched a new program to supercharge your company’s analytics if you’re using the FuelPHP framework! Google Tag Manager (GTM) for FuelPHP integrates all of Google Analytics’ Enhanced Ecommerce features through the powerful GTM interface. Now you can track all of your ecommerce data, such as purchases, and promotional views, through FuelPHP while only writing one line of code to track each data type. Plus, you have access to write in page variables and custom events.

GTM for FuelPHP

What can GTM for FuelPHP do?

  • Empowers you with one-line access to every tracking code
  • Manages your shopping cart for you – You don’t even have to push your shopping cart anymore!
  • Saves you over a week of integration time
  • GTM for FuelPHP gives you super powers!

Alright, smarty, so what can’t it do?

  • It can’t diagnose your daddy issues.
  • It can’t watch your every move, though some might say it does. O.O
  • It can’t run away and leave you standing scared in the middle of nowhere.
  • It can’t smile and watch you dance.

I know what you’re thinking… ‘Tis a pity that it won’t watch you dance, and it’s even worse that it just won’t smile as you do so. Well, unlike the smile supremacists who take smiling for granted, it doesn’t have a mouth to smile, though you’ll smile while enjoying its simplicity.

Oh, the Benefits!

Where would you be without us? Well, actually you’d probably be sitting around programming your own GTM implementation, but now you don’t have to. Try it out and watch your ecommerce analytics fill out nicely. The program is in beta, so if it starts screaming at you, rapping on your desk in a terribly annoying beat, or performing other nasty bits, remember to report those to us on the GTM for FuelPHP bug tracker so that we can calm the script down and make it behave properly.

Things to watch out for…

  • Spiders
  • Mice
  • Bats
  • Porcupines
  • Tigers… Oh, my!

Things to watch out for in GTM for FuelPHP…

  • Script conflicts
  • Speed
  • Crashes
  • Computer crashes to the style of IMVU
  • Your computer starts to sing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” as your server starts to wipe itself clean.

Well, those last few will probably never happen. I just made those up. Though, the book, “The Lean Startup,” as linked to, is an exceptional work of art, and yes, the crashes on IMVU are quite real, says the co-founder. As for Bit API Hub, we’ll never release crashware or singing scripts. (Though the latter does sound like fun, and on second thought we might do that some day.)

What’s FuelPHP?

Oh, for the love of… Almost to the finish line and you don’t know what FuelPHP is? Well, allow me to introduce you to their project. FuelPHP states they are, “a simple, flexible, community driven PHP 5.3+ framework, based on the best ideas of other frameworks, with a fresh start!” If you’re looking for a quality framework to speed up your development, check out FuelPHP and see if it’s right for your project.

Please leave your jokes, comments, feature requests, and other stuff at home… or in that comment box below will work just fine. Have fun!

Disclaimer: Bit API Hub is not affiliated with the FuelPHP framework project or Google in any way, save for using their products.

Photo Credits: The climber and the homes on which he climbs, are courtesy of Pixabay.

Rick Mac Gillis

Rick Mac Gillis is the CEO and founder of Bit API Hub.

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