Bit API Hub: Much Better than a “Coming Soon” Page, Yes?

Bit API HubWell, hello there. Today marks the first day of Bit API Hub having any semblance of a website. It’s downright awesome that now we have a way to give everyone consistent updates on the progress of our business as we move ever closer to opening day! You helped us build our social media presence from nothing, and with your help, we now collectively have thousands of followers on our social media profiles.

Bit API Hub

It’s been an amazing journey so far and we look forward to providing you with exemplary services to meet your business and project development needs shortly. If you haven’t done so already, check out the links to some of our more popular social media profiles on the top right or bottom right of this page.

So, who is Bit API Hub and why should I care?

That’s a perfectly legitimate, and useful, question. Bit API Hub is a brand new business concept. Let’s analyze the problem we solve before discussing how we solve it.

What problem does Bit API Hub solve?

I’m glad you asked. Quite simply, the use of web APIs (Application Programming Interface) is growing exponentially across the globe. With the power of connecting to valuable business resources, companies save time and money by integrating with these APIs, as well as providing immeasurable worth towards their company in the form of new features. In case you don’t know, an API is a special way to speak to a third-party server. You’ve probably used one and never even realized it. Have you ever signed into a website using Facebook or Twitter? Perhaps you’ve visited a site that says that their content contains data from a third-party, such as that Twitter WordPress plugin over there on your right. APIs aren’t just for social media either, they’re for any company who wishes to offer their data to another company or individual.

Bit API Hub Confused


So, we were discussing a problem. Right. So, somebody has to program the software which integrates with that API and when the programmer does this, they often need to integrate an SDK for the API. An SDK is code that makes it easier to utilize the API that the third-party offers. When the programmer integrates an SDK with their project, they must also check to make sure that the SDK is secure. SDKs usually consist of around 30 files, with each file containing up to around 1,000 lines of code. Needless to say that a proper security inspection could take quite a while.

However, most SDKs are fully open source code and the open source movement is about helping to keep code secure by allowing anyone to review the code. As the open source project grows, it becomes more secure as more people review the code and inform the developers of any bugs.

Well, what happens when you decide to pull chart data from several sources to compare the results? Now you need to integrate multiple SDKs and sign up with multiple providers to gain access to those resources. You need to download an inspect the code, integrate each API individually, write code and API content data specific to each API, and then you have to hope that there aren’t any conflicts between the SDKs or security issues that occur when they’re all combined. The whole process to integrate one API properly is about a week depending on the scale of the project. When you integrate just eight different APIs into your project, you’ve just wasted an entire two months of the company’s time just to integrate those APIs. If you need forty-eight API integrations, you’ve just lost a year.

Ouch… How do you solve this problem?

Bit API Hub is a brand new concept to simplify the API market for everyone. We’ve developed a special engine that allows us to integrate APIs from all over the world. Bit API Hub only focuses on integrating APIs that are of use to the Bitcoin community. However, you can contact any API on the whole planet by just writing one line of code through a special type of call to the Bit API Hub API server. Our SDK is a single file with around 300 lines of code inside with the bulk of it being security related functionality. The SDK connects your project to our server and we connect to hundreds of different APIs for you.

Free for Life

Bit API Hub FreeWhaaa? FREE??? Alright, so what’s the catch? We’ll of course we want your first-born child and … I’m kidding. Why should there be a catch? Not only is there a free package available to anyone who wishes to have one, Bit API Hub also offers other packages to enhance your corporate security and they give you access to more APIs, and more functionality. Also, the free package is slated to have 10,000 free API calls to our server, that’s roughly 4 calls every 15 minutes, much more than most people will ever need. If you’d like to use all 10,000 calls in a day, you’d make around 7 calls every minute.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about our start-up and I look forward to keeping you updated on our path to opening day. I’m sure you have plenty of questions, so please leave a comment below and someone on the team will answer your questions for you.

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Rick Mac Gillis

Rick Mac Gillis is the CEO and founder of Bit API Hub.

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